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Companies may face additional tax compliance burden- Shalu Kedia

The Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) has proposed to introduce a new rule asking companies with annual income of Rs1 crore and professionals with Rs50 lakh income per year to report estimates of current income, tax payments and advance tax liability on a voluntary basis. Shalu Kedia, Nangia & Co LLP shares her views for aforementioned story for following publications:
  • Financial Express- Stand alone story
  • Indian Express- Stand alone story
  • Hindu Business Line
  • PTI
(Story flashed by PTI has been picked up by 122 other news publication like Economic Times, Business Standard, India Today, NDTV,moneycontrol.com etc.) https://nangia.com/storage/2017/09/CBDT-Advance-tax-payment-Shalu-Kapadiya.jpg https://nangia.com/storage/2017/09/Nangia-Co-LLP-Income-Estimates.jpg Companies May face Additional Tax Burden  

Tax audit form revised, new disclosures mandated – Shalu Kedia

Restrictions on cash dealings of Rs 2 lakh or more will not apply to credit card bill payments, business correspondents appointed by banks and issuers of prepaid instruments, the revenue department has said.
  1. Shailesh Kumar, Director shares his views on aforementioned story for PTI.
(This news has been picked up by 345 other news puclication like Economic Times, Business Standard, Financial Express, Hindu Business Line, Indian Express etc.)
  1. Shalu Kedia shares her views on Tax audit form revised, new disclosures mandated for Hindu Business Line.
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