The inherent needs and aspirations of the promoters and the businesses they own are aligned yet so distinct. Family businesses are the most prevalent form of business ownership across the world. As per one estimate, family businesses make up over 90% of the world’s companies. The story is no different for India, where most businesses are family owned. More often than not, the ecosystem to manage the business is well developed, whereas the mechanisms to nurture and protect promoter family’s interests are primitive.Promoter and family wealth related matters involve sensitive issues and cookie-cutter solutions may not achieve desired results. Dynamic and ever evolving domestic and international tax and regulatory landscape germinates myriad challenges and warrants the need to ensure that the operations are structured in an efficient and compliant manner. Catering to promoter-centric needs requires specialized discreet solution-based approach taking into account promoters’ needs. Preservation and maximizing personal and family wealth involve various tangents such as personal aspirations,family dynamics and other socio-economic factors. All this warrants a distinct approach and bespoke and tailored solutions of trusted advisors.

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Our offering focusses on the one stop shop Promoter/Family focused multiservice experience, leaving no questions unanswered. Our experience brings to fore the insights and the foresight required to support the entrepreneur’s life cycle as their confidants and advisors.

Our Service Offerings

Ring fencing of personal assets of the promoter family calls for family office buildout. We will assist you creating a family office in India including review/drafting of relevant charter, reviewing policies, strategic planning, wealth transition.
Supporting existing family offices
With the evolution of the domestic and intentional tax laws it is imperative to re-evaluate overseas holding structures and building in efficiencies in the structure.
Conceptualising and setting up of overseas asset holding vehicles structure for any future personal and business aspirations. Our advice would be aimed at protecting global wealth whilst managing tax exposure across a range of different taxes and locations.

The key to successful succession planning is clearly defining how assets should be structured to pass interests in the business and/or assets to the chosen beneficiaries in the most in a tax efficient and regulatory compliant manner through trusts or other structures.
The entire succession planning solution is designed keeping in mind your personal and financial objectives while also ensuring tax minimization. Building bespoke solutions in the succession planning like installment sales of staggered holding, generation-skipping planning, philanthropy activities etc to suit your priorities.
We also provide comprehensive handholding solutions to ensure transfer of existing Indian/overseas assets to the intended beneficiaries through gifts, will, HUF, Indian/overseas trust structures (including jurisdiction of the foreign trust).

We assist promoters in realignment of the current promoter shareholding to attain value consolidation, ring-fencing promoters from operational and other risks, and enable fund raise/succession planning needs. This also involves putting in place a tax efficient profit extraction strategy from investee companies to ensure long-term upstreaming of the profits with minimum tax seepage.
We also identity investment strategies aimed at tax efficiency at the time of acquisition, holding and exit including assistant in structuring disposal of shares/investment assets as well as personal asset in an efficient manner to maximize post tax receipts.

We assist promoter in creating wealth through acquisition and investments in an efficient manner from the promoter perspective. Our tax specialists also assist promoters to structure asset holding vehicles for their overseas personal and business interests in a variety of economies and tax jurisdictions. The goal is to protect global wealth whilst managing tax exposure across a range of different taxes and locations.

Overseas assets help in diversification and attaining different assets class. We provide valuable insights and bespoke solutions including funding modalities for overseas acquisition to help effectuate the investment activity in a tax efficient manner.
Families often maintain substantial personal and business interests in a variety of economies and tax jurisdictions. We can help in devising structures for holding overseas assets with the objective of protecting wealth and managing tax exposure across locations.

We act as a one-stop shop for all tax and regulatory needs of a promoter. With this in mind, our other promoter specific solutions can be based on your requirements. These can include 

  • Tax examination and representation services. 
  • Tax and regulatory advisory and support services. 
  • Promoter level compliances including income tax, corporate law and regulatory. 
  • Health check and review of the current holding to ascertain non-compliances and Promoter exposure emanating therefrom assist in resolution thereof through representations before the concerned authorities