Director – (Korean Business Desk), Noida

Sungjun, Park serves as a Director in Nangia - Andersen Noida office. As a Korea Business Desk director, he is connecting and finding the needs of Korean companies and firms with Nangia – Andersen. He ensures the better and more comfortable communication with Koreans to provide the best quality services, and feedbacks. Sungjun, Park is from Siheung, South Korea. He got his Bachelor Degree in the International Business Management from University of Nottingham at Malaysia Campus. He has experienced different cultures in different countries like Korea, Malaysia, and USA for 15years. He understands multi-cultural based society and business well. Sungjun started his career as marketing specialist in South Korea. From his joint, he participated the project with the multi-national companies, and Korean companies. In addition, he helped his team and managers to understand properly during online meeting with non-Korean speaking companies.