Takahiro Akagawa

Takahiro Akagawa serves as the Director of the Japanese Business Desk at Nangia & Co LLP, where he facilitates communication and identifies the needs of Japanese companies and firms. With a focus on ensuring seamless and high-quality services, Takahiro prioritizes effective communication with Japanese clients and stakeholders.

Originally from Hokkaido, Japan, Takahiro holds a bachelor’s degree in political science-Public Law from Northern Illinois University, and a master’s degree from the Graduate School of Governance Studies at Meiji University.

With over 15 years of experience, Takahiro has a rich background in government and research. He served in the Japanese Diet as a secretary to members of both Houses and was a key member of the official visit delegation accompanying Prime Minister Obuchi to the US and Russia. Additionally, Takahiro spent six years at the Tokyo Foundation, where he worked as a research fellow and project manager. He has also authored a book on Japanese municipal government.

Since joining Nangia & Co LLP, Takahiro has been actively involved in projects with Japanese companies, leveraging his expertise and experience to facilitate successful collaborations and partnerships.

Saumya Bailur

Saumya is a Director in Audit and Assurance practice of the firm. Prior to joining us, She was working as General Manager – Finance in Bundl Technologies/Swiggy for 2 years and earlier to that as a Senior Manager in Assurance practice with Ernst & Young (‘EY’) for 9 years in their member firm in India.

In the member firm of EY, she had an extensive audit experience of serving large listed companies, entrepreneurial growth companies and multi-national companies in Indian GAAP, Ind-AS/ IFRS, US GAAP, Singapore FRS & German GAAP across diverse sectors. In Swiggy, she led the Controllership charter of GL, Inventory, Supply Chain management and Treasury for Instamart, Private Brands and Insanely Good.

She also led various capital market transactions including IPO and advised clients with complex accounting and auditing issues around IND AS and IFRS conversions, IFC implementation and data analytics.

She has expertise in:

  • Statutory Audits
  • Risk Advisory – Internal audits
  • Ind-AS / IFRS diagnostic and conversion
  • Capital market transactions & corporate finance
  • Due Diligence reviews, tax audits and transfer pricing audits
  • Business process improvements