Our team of experts have over 25 years of experience in sports infrastructure management, conducting feasibility studies, procurement management, marketing & outreach merchandising, broadcasting, event management, strategic development, athlete performance research and monitoring, policy and vision development and curriculum designing. Our experts have advised MYAS and State Sports Department, National Sports Federations, State Associations, Private Governing Bodies, Leagues, Corporates and Educational Institutions in creating winning strategies and making informed decisions.

Sports Advisory: Overview and how we can help- In Conversation with Ahetesham Khan, Director

  Our Offerings:
  • Sports Infrastructure Development –  Innovative PPP models across all value chains
  • Athlete/Player Management – Performance Analysis and Benchmarking, and Athlete Monitoring System (AMS)
  • Professional League Development –  Visioning, Implementation Framework and Stakeholder Management Support
  • Franchising and Sponsorship – Assistance in raising funds through sale of sponsorship packages and franchise sales.
  •  Governance and Organization Development – Advice in organizational strategies through insight, facilitation, and strategic knowledge
  • Sports Development Policy – Design, implement and measure long term plans and policies.
  • Business Valuation and Transaction Support – Assist in market valuation of professional sports leagues and businesses.
  • Mergers and Acquisitions – Sale, Purchase and Investment in Professional Sports Teams, Municipalities and Venue Operators.
  • Sports Club Audit – Risk assessment and review of policies and processes as per updated regulatory requirements.
  • Technology and E-Sports – Assist sports bodies with digitalization and latest forms of sports consumption.
  • Sports Betting and NFT’s – Sports betting and gaming regulatory environment. –  Sports NFT’s and Digital Advertising